I found him in a cemetery, emaciated, exhausted, dehydrated and barely breathing

Other Animals     2022年10月01日

Mau was a dog about 2 years old, I found him in a cemetery. He was as skinny as bones, exhausted, dehydrated and his breathing was so weak, he lay helpless on the side of the road. Many people passed by but everyone was indiffent and consided the boy dead. Looking Mau I could not stop the tears from falling, I pitied for a tragic fate. I quickly got Mau out of that damn place. Because it was a holiday, all the vets were closed so I had to take Mau home. I tried to feed him some food but Mau didn’t want to eat, just lying in the corner with a sad face. At 8:00 am Mau and I were present at the Veterinary hospital.

He was quickly sent for an MRI scan because the specialist suspected that he a problem with the spine. The results shocked me, at that time he was carrying two bllets, one in front of his chest and the other one in the center of his spine. They had been in Mau’s body for a long time and would be extremely difficult to treat. All indexs of liver, kidney and digestive system were very low, infection was negative. It was terrible and painful for the that were trying to survive every day like this. He was cured slowly and waited for the doctor to find a way to remove the bullet. But a miracle never happened to Mau, the body lost the ability to walk completely Although that was very sad but the fact that Mau was still present by my side and that was the most valuable thing. Our lovely, quiet and calm boy has been discharged from the hospital. The doctors refused to take the bullet because they think the percentage of surgical failures was very high.