Cop saves Donkey from busy highway, drives it safety in patrol car!

Other Animals     2022年08月21日

What a sweetheart he should get a medal for his wonderful work!

Robin Strader, from Norman, Oklahoma was on her way to work, when spotted something really unusual in the middle of the busy highway she was driving on. A scared donkey was meandering along the road way. The woman immediately pulled over her car and jumped to help the sc.ared cre.ature, but not before to call the authorities.

Margaret Williams

Officer Kyle Canaan at Norman Police Department, arrived at the scene.

Initially officer Canaan was not sure how to deal with this completely unusual challenge, but he soon figured out. The woman offered to foster the donkey they named Squishy at her home, a few miles away from there. But since it would have taken too long for a proper transportation vehicle to arrive, officer Canaan decide to give Squishy a drive-along. An invitation that Squishy gladly accepted.

Now there’s an Officer who cares for animals and knows how to improvise

Not only saving an animal but kept a possible [tra.gic ac.cident] if vehicles became involved

Cop saves Donkey from busy highway, drives it safety in patrol car!

To ensure the safety of the animal, he helped transport the donkey to a nearby home for safe-keeping until its owner could be located.

The rescue donkey wasn’t bothered at all to ride in the back of the patrol car, a space usually reserved for outlaws. More than that the two got along very well and they even had a lot of fun on their way.

The most important is that officer Canaan has safely drove his four-legged passenger to Robin’s place. And he even showed his interest in adopting it, if there won’t be anyone willing to do it.

Thankyou for your loving kindness and also your service!

God bless that officer that’s what I like to see showing that people just love these animals and know that they’re no different than us and protect internal no different than our children.

God bless him he is an angel…!

Watch the video below:

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