Tiny, Mistreated Kitty Lost The Use Of Her Legs But Never Lost Her Will to Live!

Cat     2022年08月02日

AUSTRALIA – Monkey was just about two weeks old when she lost the use of her hind legs after poor treatment. The kitten had been removed from an extremely violent environment by a woman named Teagan, who took her in.

Tiny, Mistreated Kitty Lost The Use Of Her Legs But Never Lost Her Will to Live!

At the time, Monkey – who perfectly fits in the palm of a hand – was half unconscious. Unfortunately, in this region of Australia, the closest veterinarian was a whopping eight hours away by car. And so, Tegan and her friend Kyleigh did everything they could themselves to save the frail animal. Kyleigh explains,

“With warm baths, hourly feeds, a comfy bed and lots of rest and cuddles, Monkey amazingly began to gain strength”.

Tiny, Mistreated Kitty Lost The Use Of Her Legs But Never Lost Her Will to Live!

Despite the paralysis of her hind legs, the wee one rapidly regained her energy and force. Everyday, she shows her love and gratitude to her rescuers. Tegan went on to say:

“Like a monkey amidst the trees, she surprised everyone who came in her path, with her incredible strength using only her upper body to explore the red earth surrounds”.

Tiny, Mistreated Kitty Lost The Use Of Her Legs But Never Lost Her Will to Live!

Miraculously, her terrible past did not traumatize her in regards to human contact. She is warm and interacts wonderfully with everyone, which is a huge surprise to Kyleigh.

When Monkey reached six weeks old, she brought her to a medical consultation in Alice Springs where she was able to take a special plane to the special shelter, Homeless & Abused Animal Rescue Team (HAART), nearby to Perth.

Tiny, Mistreated Kitty Lost The Use Of Her Legs But Never Lost Her Will to Live!

Upon examining the kitten, the veterinarian could not believe that she survived to this point considering his state.

“Everyone who met her, the dogs included, were fascinated by her ability to be so mobile despite the severe damage to her back legs”.

Just recently, Monkey arrived in Perth where she met her adopted mom, whose name is Lyn. She handles the kitty’s treatments and also her physical therapy sessions. “the improvements in Monkey have been remarkable,” according to Lyn, who is absolutely amazed by her passion for life.

“There is no doubt in everyone’s mind, that Monkey will continue to regain more use of her back legs and she has amazed everyone in her new ability to take off her nappy and toilet herself in the kitty litter”.

While Monkey still has some difficulties because of her past, she is living proof that with lots of love and attention, animals are extremely resilient and can overcome huge obstacles.

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